Buffy AVP: Synthesis

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Title: Buffy AVP: Synthesis
1. Chapter One

All characters from the Buffyverse are property of Joss Whedon. The character of the Alien and the Predator belongs to 20th century Fox. Everything else belongs to me.

He hated Sunnydale. He had been transferred here only a month ago from Los Angeles and already he’d come across a string of bizarre murders like nothing he’d seen before. Officer Manning was a watch commander in his previous life. That was before the Event. For several days the sun had totally disappeared from the Los Angeles sky. Violent gangs roamed the city. Everyone had been pressed into doing patrols. One night, in a deserted and burned out part of town, he could swear he saw a thing with green skin and horns fighting alongside two regular guys against a bunch of hoodlums. Somebody got stabbed with a piece of wood. Somebody exploded in a storm of dust. Later, someone had said the word *vampire*. That was before Wolfram and Hart came sniffing around the division. Two days later he was transferred to Sunnydale.

“Who did I piss off to get assigned here?” He thought. He missed his old life. He had roots in L.A.

Officer Manning turned the steering wheel of the patrol car as he turned off onto a dark and deserted road. There was a lot of hobo activity out by the railroad yards. He would take a look at that on the way out.

Officer Manning was a lanky man that stood over six feet tall. He had a compact frame and a black goatee. His hair was cut short like most officers. He kept his gun in a holster on the seat next to him. As he passed a clump of trees he saw a man bloodied with clothing torn running in the opposite direction. The gaunt pale figure came out of the dark. His eyes were wide. Manning could see the stark fear on his face. Manning threw the car in reverse. He stopped it and leapt out. He grabbed the stranger by the arm. Before he could speak, the stranger screamed at him.

“Run!” He yelled. Manning hesitated. The strangers face turned. His eyes became yellow. Fangs appeared.

“*Vampire!*” Manning thought. He was shocked. The vampire pushed Manning away with his free arm and ran, his arms flailing about as if someone had set him on fire. Just as the stranger disappeared into the dark a burning ball of fire came out of nowhere and hit the stranger dead center. Thunder echoed in the air. The landscape lit up in red and black flames. Manning felt something behind him. He turned slowly. He eyes took a moment to focus.

About a hundred feet away the air was shimmering. Somthing sparkled. Then *it* appeared. The Predator stood nearly eight feet tall. It skin was mottled gold and tan. It wore standard battle armor with a silver tactical facemask. Manning didn’t know what he was staring at. His eyes were giving his brain information that it refused to accept. He stood there frozen. The Predator noticed him. It turned its head to stare at the police officer. The Predator removed it’s facemask. It looked like something from the bottom of the sea. It had a set of external and internal jaws. It had a third set of teeth clustered near the front that looked like vampire fangs.

Manning had left his gun in the car. It didn’t make any difference. The Predator’s shoulder cannon sprang to life. A ball of blue white fire shot towards him. He jumped. The blue white fire hit the squad car knocking it backwards. Flames spread along its side. The Predator roared as it pointed its arm cannon at Manning. Three red dots appeared in the center of his chest. The laser targeting system had him within its sight. Death would take him soon.

Something, dark as night, with the tail of a serpent slammed into the Predator. They both fell into the road. The Alien was on its feet first, it’s tail high in the air. A little blonde girl came out of the bushes after the Alien. She had a piece of wood in her hand.

“What the …” Manning thought. Adrenaline was rushing through his body. He was running on pure instinct now.

The blonde girl moved her hands quickly gesturing to the Alien. It appeared to be under her control. The Alien quickly placed itself between the Predator and Buffy. Buffy said something in Latin. The Alien attacked again. Razor sharp claws raked across the Predators face. It yowled.

Buffy didn’t wait. She rushed in with the stake to stab into the heart of the beast. But she was too slow. The Predator blocked the downward slash of the stake and punched her in the chest knocking her clear to the other side of the road. Her ribcage shattered. Bones were broken.

The Predator stood and growled. It flicked its wrist. Its wrist blades extended. Half a meter of razor-sharp metal poked into the air, it was going to gut Buffy. As it leaned forward its chest exploded. The silicon tail of the Alien skewered the Predator. Flecks of neon green blood flew everywhere. The Predator screamed. Its deep bass voice echoed in the air.

The cop in him reacted. Manning saw Buffy attacked. He reached for the gun he had hidden. He took his 9mm Beretta and fired twelve shots. He fired until all he could hear was the hammer hitting empty air. He fired until the chamber was empty. He had hit the Predator a few times which only made it angry. Its yellow eyes looked at him with pure evil. It bared its fangs. It raised its arm cannon. Manning saw the triangle of the targeting lasers on his chest. He knew he was a dead man.

Buffy appeared out of nowhere running towards him.

“Run!” Buffy screamed echoing the stranger that had come before her. “Get the hell out of here!” The Predator fired. Burning light slammed into Buffy’s back. Her blouse caught fire. Manning caught her as she fell. Her weight carried them forward. They both hit the ground. The Predator moved in for the kill. The Alien opened its mouth. Organic silicon teeth parted. Its inner mouth opened as it spit acid on the Predator. The flesh of the Predator sizzled as it ran off into the dark. The Alien pursued it.

Minutes later Giles arrived. He looked at Buffy and Manning lying on the ground covered in dirt and blood.

“We’ve got to get her to a hospital.” He said.


2. Chapter 2

All characters from the Buffyverse are property of Joss Whedon. The character of the Alien and the Predator belongs to 20th century Fox. Everything else belongs to me.


They stood in the middle of a burnt out ship. Only hours ago something had fallen from the sky and crashed on the outskirts of Sunnydale. Buffy feared it may have been a queller, a creature that lived between the stars and fed on the brains of madmen. The last time she saw one an insane hell god wanted to bleed Dawn dry. But they knew the moment the arclight slammed into the ground that this was no queller. This was something new. Willow watched the object fall. She was amazed when the meteor performed several course corrections. She was shocked when it turned a right angle.

“That’s a ship.” Willow said. She, Buffy and Giles had assembled outside the magic shop that night to watch the falling star. When it hit beyond the horizon the sky exploded in yellow white. Seconds later, there was the sound of thunder. Buffy found herself stepping forward pulled by some strange attraction to the falling star. Her eyes were glazed. She spoke in a soft lisp as if hypnotized.

“Something is on that ship…” Buffy said to no one in particular. Willow looked at her concerned.

“Well, yeah…” Willow said. “Ships usually have people on them. “ She thought about what she had said. “Unless it’s automated.” She added.

“There’s a vampire on that ship.” Buffy said. Giles and Willow recognized the look on Buffy’s face. She had already made up her mind to slay.

“Well at least let me go with you.” Willow said.

“Whatever.” Buffy said. Her mind was clearly elsewhere. Buffy started walking. She had her scythe out and was nearly across the street before Giles could remind her he had a car.

Now they stood in the middle of a burnt out ship shaped like a arrowhead set on fire. Electric neon lights and alien equipment lay trashed all around them. Buffy noticed a curved blade lying on the deck of the ship. She picked it up and examined it closely. Something once wet, something once red had dried on it. Buffy held it up for Willow to see.

“Well at least they’re civilized.” Buffy said.

“What leads you to believe that?” Willow answered.

“They have tools. They build spaceships they must be wise and gentle.” Buffy said.

“Or disciplined and warlike.” Willow thought. “The Nazis had access to cutting edge technology of their time and used it to kill millions.” Willow frowned. She’d seen what evil men with machines could do. She had seen pictures of Dachau.

“Technology alone can’t save you.” Willow said. “It doesn’t change what you are.”

“But what if it could?” Buffy asked. “Technology is transformative. We use it to convert wood into fire, electricity into light. You convert words on paper into magic.” Willow had no idea where this conversation was going. She was unwilling to focus on what Buffy was saying. They were in an alien spaceship for cripes sake!

“For all we know they be nothing more than galactic good old boys out on a weekend hunting trip.” Willow said trying to lighten the moment.

“What’s that?” Buffy thought to herself as she reached out to press a blinking button. Willow grabbed her finger just in time.

“Let’s not accidently press any self destruct buttons. Ok?” Willow said. There was something about this ship that defiantly had Buffy acting loopy. Buffy continued looking around.

“Ah ha!” She said. “I knew these aliens were civilized.” Buffy said. Buffy rambled through the wreckage and pulled out papers with a plastic spine.

“If they are not civilized, then why do they have an employee handbook?” Buffy said. Willow walked over to Buffy. She looked over what Buffy had found.

“Buffy, that’s a Wolfram and Hart employee handbook.” Willow was dumfounded. “What was the employee handbook from the law firm that represented most of the evil on Earth doing on a crashed spaceship?”

“I don’t like this.” Willow said. “I think this is way above our pay grades.” Buffy didn’t hear her. She was staring at a ten foot tall cylinder that had been shattered from the inside. There were words etched on alien metal near the top of the tank.

“How do you pronounce that?” Buffy asked. Willow read the words several times before she got it.

“I think its pronounced *Weyland-Yutani*.” She said. On the shattered broken tank was an icon etched in the metal of the curled up form of a black spiky dragon.

Willow stopped a moment to look around at the impressive array of lights and wires and metal that lay in pieces around her. “What transformations does this technology hold?” Willow asked herself. She reviewed the blood covered tools that lay on the alien workbench. “Big things have small beginnings.” She thought.


The Predator removed it’s mask and bellowed into the night. He was a dead man, he was a proud Yautja. He was part of a hunting tribe that had unleashed the fiercest warriors the galaxy had ever seen. Now he was a monster with a thirst for blood. The Predator had no idea of what he had become. All he knew was that he was lured here by the Wolf Ram and Hart with the promise of a hunt. They made him a monster and set him loose in Sunnydale. Now the slayer was after him. Even the xenomorph they had brought with them was hunting him. He knew he should be feeling something between anger and shame. He didn’t care. He didn’t have a soul now. The Predator ignored the hole in his chest. As he performed a weapons inventory and swore by the honor of his father’s name that he would personally kill everyone who had a hand in turning his life into a living hell. He heard something moving in the tree’s overhead. The Predator swerved and fired a string of plasma charges into the trees. The Sunnydale woods lit up in bright yellow white flames. Something huge and black leapt from limb to limb. Plasma crisscrossed the trees barely missing it. The Alien was fast. He had to be. His queen had ordered him to kill.

It had no mind as Men measured such things. It didn’t need one. It was all instinct and senses. It was a billion years of genetic memories made flesh and sent to taste and preserve the infinite combinations of DNA spread throughout the galaxy. It remembered being here in Sunnydale a billion and a half years ago when the Old Ones walked the Earth. It moved to the song of the blood music that pulsed in its veins. It had no speech, no name. It lived in the action of death, the blood cry, the penetrating wound. It was destruction, absolute, alone. The Alien drew itself up to its full majestic height of well over eight feet. As the Predator fired, it leapt towards the plasma discharge with absolutely no fear.

A young trim, well groomed man knocked on the door to the office of the new boss. There was quite a shake up recently with the rein of fire, the days of darkness, the beast and the freaking zombies eating everyone in the building. The young go getter was glad those days were behind them. The future of the new and improved Wolf Ram and Hart looked very bright. He knocked on the door of his new boss’s office again.

“Come in.” said Angel.

The young man poked his head in the office.

“Hi Boss, just came by to say you’re doing a bang up job!” He said. Angel rolled his eyes.

“Make sure your lips are moist before you start kissing my ass.” Angel said dryly.

“Sure thing!” The young man agreed. He was halfway out the door before he remembered why he came to see Angel. He poked his head back into the office.

“Ah sir.” He said. “The experiment has begun. Angel looked up from his desk.

“What *experiment?*” He asked.


Ray Bradbury, RIP


3. chapter 3

All characters from the Buffyverse are property of Joss Whedon. The character of the Alien and the Predator belongs to 20th century Fox. Everything else belongs to me.

“It’s called the *millennial review.*” Eve reported. She leaned across a brown overstuffed leather chair in Angel’s office. She was an attractive woman. She stood about five foot ten. She had auburn brown hair and a pale complexion. “I’m sure Lilah got an email about this before your gal-pal killed her.” Eve said. She knew that Cordelia Chase, under the influence of one of the Powers that Be, had murdered Lilah after the Beast had blotted out the sun.

“Every thousand years or so, the Senior Partners gather representatives of the top warriors in the galaxy and drop them on the slayer, whoever she is.”

“Why?” Angel asked tersely. He was pissed. He was just getting settled in to his new role as CEO of Wolfram and Hart. He had averted numerous apocalypses in the last week or so. He did not need this crap. “Is Buffy in danger?” He asked.

“*Hell, yeah.* Your old girlfriend is screwed.” Eve answered.

Angel hit a button on his desk. Building security came online.

“I want an ops team prepped and on the heilo pad in five minutes. Full loadout, grenades plus armor piercing rounds.” Angel released the button.

“That won’t help.” Said Eve. Everyone looked at her. The Wolfram and Hart security team was one of the best private armies in the world. They could give any SEAL team a run for their money. They were brutal and well trained. They were ruthless men who had access to any weapon imaginable up to and including small tactical nukes.

“It won’t help.” Eve said again. “The Senior Partners are looking for something they call *synthesis*. That’s why they always choose three warriors and one of those warriors is *always* a slayer.”

“Thesis, anti-thesis and synthesis.” Fred muttered to herself. “The basis of any college paper.”

“The basis of any *philosophy.*” Eve corrected.

“What do they want?” Angel asked. “Where are they going with this?”

Eve shook her head. “*Sweetie*, the Senior Partners tell me nothing. All I know is that they are old and powerful and pretty much do whatever the hell they want. For all we know, this may be just entertainment to them. The Romans had their gladiators, you know.”

Angel was clearly upset. He had seen the video of both the Alien and the Predator in action. He did not like Buffy’s odds. “What happens to the slayer?” Angel asked.

Eve shook her head. “The slayer *always always* dies.”

“Not on my watch.” Angel said.

“Do yourself a favor Angel; send the troops in first to pacify the area.” Eve said. She smiled cryptically. She knew something she was not telling. “After all, you’re our shiny new boss. Hate to lose you first month on the job.

“Fine. “ Angel said. “We can monitor the troops from here.” He pressed a button. A large flat screen monitor came out of the wall. “Anybody got any popcorn? Gunn asked. He sat down and stared at Eve. He did not trust her. No one did.

An explosion of noise and clamor surrounded them as they burst into the emergency room. Manning lead the way. Giles was behind him with Buffy. He had met the old man and the young girl while patrolling the outskirts of Sunnydale. The girl had been fighting monsters, freaking for *real* monsters. A doctor met them at the door. The radio in his patrol car still worked well enough for him to call ahead.

The doctor looked over the bruised and battered body of Buffy Summers. He looked up at the two men who had accompanied her. He frowned slightly. He hoped these two weren’t the freaks who hurt her. The doctor pulled a curtain around Buffy’s bed. He and a nurse began to examine her. Manning waited until the nurses had finished bandaging his sprained hands and ribs. With his good hand he grabbed Giles and walked him over to a quiet corner.

“What the hell is happening here?” Manning asked. “Who the hell are you? Why is that girl in there fighting monsters?

Giles looked at the police officer trying to access what to tell and what to leave out. Giles realized that that Manning had seen everything. Giles decided not to lie.

“That girl, as you call her, is a *slayer*. She is the chosen one given the speed, the strength and calling to fight the children of the Old Ones, the demons, and the vampires.”

“Yeah, vampires. “ Manning said. “I know about those. I was in Los Angeles when the sun went out.” Manning looked at Giles. “Those things she was fighting, they were not vampires!”

“Technically, one of them was a vampire.” Giles said. “They’re both creatures from another planet.” Manning was amazed. Buffy looked so small and fragile. Giles knew how Buffy must look to untrained eyes. Giles leaned in and whispered into Manning’s ear.

“That girl is a *hunter*. She always gets her prey.” Giles hissed. “We are fighting to save the world. Are you with us?” He asked then turned away. Giles made his way over to Buffy’s bed. Manning watched his back as he walked away.

Giles leaned over Buffy’s bed. The doctor had cleared her for visitors. Buffy was battered and bruised but she was basically ok. Giles still found Buffy a wonder to behold. On the way over, he had seen her brunt skin heal while she was in the car. Whatever it was that Buffy had become, it had jacked her healing powers through the roof.

Buffy weakly opened her eyes. She had a glazed and faraway look like she was trying to remember who and where she was. She whispered something in a dry raspy voice. Giles leaned in closer to hear her better.

“It’s here.” She said.

The ceiling exploded downwards. Something huge and black filled the center of the room. The Alien unfurled itself to its full majestic height. Her eyes flicked open. She jumped out of bed. Buffy stood rigid facing the alien. It stood three feet over her. She stood in its shadow. Buffy placed the palm of her hand on the side of it. The alien was a warm living thing. She could feel it purring through its skin.

Buffy was not Buffy. Her name was now Hive. She was the group mind of the alien species. The magics had changed her. She was a queen now. The telepathic bond between them tied them together in a deep ocean of race memory. They were one. The question of where Buffy ended and the Alien began was meaningless. It was like asking where the mind ended and the body began. Buffy held the Alien completely in her thrall.

“Remember what I said about her being a hunter?” Giles said to Manning. “Well, that’s her *dog*.”

On the other side of the room someone dropped a bed pan. It made a loud clang as it hit the floor. The alien turned. Its second set of jaws extended. Knees flexed to jump. Buffy stepped in front of it.

“Down boy.” She said. The alien faltered. It hesitated a moment before it obeyed her.

“Buffy.” Giles asked.

“Yes.” Buffy answered never taking her eyes off the Alien.

“What do we do when the glamour wears off?” They both knew the answer was not good.


4. chapter 4

All characters from the Buffyverse are property of Joss Whedon. The character of the Alien and the Predator belongs to 20th century Fox. Everything else belongs to me.

The modified AH-64A apache helicopter flew over the Sunnydale landscape as quietly as the fall of night. The four people aboard it, Janskey, Leonard, Catherine, and Remy, were all Wolfram and Hart security officers. They had all worked as mercenaries in their previous lives. Leonard and Catherine got their experience in South Africa; Janskey was trained to fight in Afghanistan. No one knew anything about Remy. All they knew was that he had a lot of experience fighting vampires. Janskey was the pilot. He was looking for a place to land. Catherine worked the equipment given to them by Wolfram and Hart. She used it to locate and track the Predator they had been sent to kill. Their tactical briefing had been quite clear. Locate and neutralize the Predator without alerting the public or the slayer. Remy found it funny they had been sent to protect the bosses’ old girlfriend.

“Hey Kat, you through playing with your box?” Remy said. Catherine looked up. She was still trying to get a solid read on the Predator’s position.

“Eat me.” She said. Catherine grinned like a wolf. If she needed too, she could be as foul mouth as any of the guys. The console made a brief beeping sound. Catherine tapped the screen.

“Got you, bastard.” She said. “Find a spot to two clicks east of here. That’s where we’re find our boy.” Catherine tapped the back of the pilot seat with her fist. “We are on!” she said with excitement.

“I hear that.” Leonard said.

The helicopter set down quietly in an open field next to a major expanse of woods. They spread out. Remy scanned the woods around him. He had point. He’d heard the Predator liked to watch from the trees. The light from the helicopter formed a small pool of light. They moved away from that light into the darkness.

“I got movement!” Remy yelled excitedly. Catherine rolled her eyes.

“Stealth much?” She said as sarcastically as possible. “Don’t tell me this is your first monster hunt?”

Remy ignored her. He scanned again then stopped cold. Remy slowly looked up. They could see the shimmering outlines of the Predator’s invisible form.

“Open fire!” He yelled. They opened fire. Remy poured over a thousand rounds per second into the Predator from his modified AK-113. His teammates followed. Over ten thousand rounds per second poured into the Predator. Bits of his flesh exploded outwards. His wounds healed almost as fast as they were made.

“Sunlight!” Remy screamed as he hit the grenade launcher. Everyone blinked. The polarized contact lenses each had installed clicked into place. The grenade exploded producing a tiny star ten times brighter than the noonday sun.

“There!” Angel said as he pointed to the screen. Geosynchronous satellites permanently hovering over Sunnydale showed a bright flair that momentary turned the screen white. His war against the Predator could be seen from orbit.

“Not so much.” Eve said to herself.

“He’s not dead!” Remy said. He was amazed. The Predator had already healed. “Flame throwers, now!” He screamed. Reddish orange flames hit the Predator. Its body caught fire. It didn’t make any difference.

“What the *fuck* is this?” Leonard said as he fired hundreds of tiny stakes per second into the Predator. Its bright burning form leapt upon him and gutted him with one stroke. Still on fire, the Predator jabbed into Leonard and tore his spine out and held it high in the air. Pieces of him hung off the meter long wrist knife.

The night sky lit again. Catherine launched two more daylight spectrum grenades. This was no longer a covert mission. This was the kill or be killed scenario. She began to understand just how little her bosses at Wolfram and Hart understood what it was they were dealing with. A red triangle appeared on her forehead. She didn’t notice it. A single plasma burst exploded from the Predator. It struck Catherine. Her head exploded.

Charred chunks of her were still in the air as the Predator began to scan his surroundings for someone else to kill. The Predator was in full homicide mode. He could tell by their smell that these men were with Wolfram and Hart. He heard something in the bushes. The Predator stood. He switched to infrared. In the pitch blackness he saw streaks of green and the slight red glow of someone’s body heat.

Something sharp and hard came down across the back of his head. Remy still held the edge of the dual edge battle axe as the Predator turned his head towards him.

“Say goodnight demon.” Remy said in his thick Louisiana accent. The Predator hit a button on his electronics. A highly stylized computer voice played back the last sound it recorded.

“Goodnight demon.” It said. The Predator whipped its fist to fast to follow and slammed it into Remy’s chest breaking through his ribs smashing his heart. Remy’s eyes rolled back. The Predator pulled his bloody arm out of the body.

“*Oh shit!*” Janskey thought as he cowered in the bushes. He tried to remain very still. He had just watched his teammates die. He shifted slightly in the bushes. His palm came down upon a twig. He heard it snap.

The Predators head turned. It had heard something in the dark. It scanned the woods in infrared. He saw his target. Janskey took his shot. He leapt out of the bushes with twin .45 cal glocks blazing. The bullets went cleanly through the Predator. In four steps the Predator was upon him. It grabbed him by the throat and sunk his teeth into his neck. The Predator drained Janskey in less than two seconds. He dropped the body and bellowed into the night.

This was his challenge he shouted to the Wolf Ram and Hart: *“After thousands of years I am undefeated. I dare you to come for me!”* The Predator went to tear apart the helicopter with his bare hands.

“What was *that*?” Angel asked.

“That is the problem.” Eve responded. “That hunter is old. We have no idea what it is. We have been trying to kill this thing for thousands of years. It’s not your typical vampire.” Angel mulled over the information for the longest. He did not like Buffy’s odds.

“What about the other one?” Angel asked. “What purpose does it serve?”

“It.” Eve said as she flicked a switch that brought a high definition image of the Alien on the huge flat screen. “It is a gift from one of our clients, *Weyland-Yutani*. It is the member of the only species that has ever gone head to head with the Predator and survived.”

Angel considered his options. “Until we can think of something better, we’re going to have to leave it to Buffy. Everyone agreed. Eve was strangely silent. She still had her secrets.


5. chapter 5

All characters from the Buffyverse are property of Joss Whedon. The character of the Alien and the Predator belongs to 20th century Fox. Everything else belongs to me.

Eve sat in her office. The last week or so had been a real pain. Angel and crew had come dangerously close to understanding what she was trying to do here. As usual, she was able to steer them away from any important truths. She looked at the paper that had started all of this for her.

“*On the creation and deployment of spiritual forces as an emerging property of natural selection*” the title of the paper read. It was her graduate thesis. It was the paper that got her hired by Wolfram and Hart straight out of Berkley U.C. They had been running a project with several points from her paper for the last ten thousand years. The Senior Partner s knew a millennial review was on the way. They wanted her to oversee it. This was one of the many side projects she ran for the Senior Partners right under Angel’s nose.

“If Angel knew what I was up to, he would kill me on the spot.” She thought. Eve opened a second file. It had a picture of the man who was her eyes on the ground. She had managed to get Manning transferred to Sunnydale after the rein of darkness caused by the Beast.

“Poor idiot doesn’t know who he’s really working for.” She thought. “The innocent make the best sleeper agents.”

Eve understood very well the forces she was dealing with. A slayer was basically a possessed woman. The Dark Men, then the Watchers had managed to domesticate the slayer over thousands of years. This gave them a power to fight the forces the Senior Partners unleashed on Earth. Now the Senior Partners were scheming to take that power away. If they could find a way to transfer the power of the Slayer to another species then they would be unstoppable.

“Predator, Alien, Slayer, Synthesis.” Eve thought. She imagined a Xenomorph with the power of a slayer.

“Silicon skin, acid for blood,fearless,ruthless,totally without mercy.” The thought of it gave her goose bumps. The power she imagined it would possess made her slightly aroused.

She saw the cellphone video sent by her agents from the hospital where the Xenomorph had shown itself. She watched Buffy walk up to it and stroke it like it was her pet.

“Good work Summers.” Eve though. “You have no idea how close you are to synthesis.” Buffy had achieved something the Senior Partners hadn’t in over ten thousand years. She had a symbiotic relationship with the Alien. That was the first step to synthesis. Eve pushed herself away from her desk. She leaned back letting her thoughts roam free. She smiled as she imagined unleashing the alien slayer against Angel.

“Happy days.” She murmured.

She never got used to her hands. They were so small and pink. Buffy constantly examined herself. Her body felt all wrong. She was small and soft and had only one mouth. She should be bigger and darker with skin made of polymerized silicon and no matter where she looked on her body she had no idea what she was going to use to lay her eggs. She snapped out of it.

“Dammnit I’m Buffy. *Earth Buffy* and I will not be laying eggs.” She thought to herself. Giles looked at her. He knew Buffy was having issues adjusting to the alien memories. They both looked at each other for a moment. They had managed to leave the hospital and steal a hummer from the parking lot. The terrible price paid for allowing Buffy access to alien memories haunted them still.


Seven demons lay dead. They had been killed by something powerful, something new. Buffy had been tracking it for days after the strange ship had fallen from the sky. Willow bent over the body of the latest kill. A rubbery thing with too many arms had a hole in its chest like something had burst out of it. The thing that did lay beside it. It was dead as well. Willow examined its cell structure.

“It’s like it tried to combine with the demon but failed. Whatever this alien is..” Willow said as she teased the dead chest buster with her scalpel. “It only works with humans or something close enough to human.”

Buffy looked at Willow strangely. Willow could tell that her mind was far away. Buffy continued to stare at Willow without blinking. It was if she was listening to instructions from far away.

“We need to get inside of its head.” Buffy said. “We need to understand how the alien thinks.”

“How it thinks?” Willow said. “How can it think? It’s just an animal.” Buffy looked at her as if she’d said the strangest thing she had ever heard.

“We’re going to need the Janus bust.” Buffy said. “and the magics of Ethan Rayne.”

Willow sat her scalpel down and lifted her goggles. “I thought magic was my thing?” She said. “Am I supposed to start slaying now?”

“You can’t.” Buffy said in a deadpan tone. “Your arms are too flabby.”

Two days later they had what they needed. Giles had taken the Janus bust out of storage. Ethan Rayne had used it to make the expectations of a fetish object real. Xander had become a solider because he wore a soldier’s uniform. Buffy had become a 17th century maiden because she wore the outfit of a 17th century woman. Willow even became a sexy ghost. Willow had sprinkled Buffy’s blood over the body of the dead chest buster. Giles chanted the spell. Worked the sacred objects in the circle. There was a pop and a soft purple yellow light. Buffy felt the walls of the world flee into darkness. She felt like she was falling down a black well. Suddenly sounds and smells came upon her.

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